Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are you mad!

Come Monday, you all have one task. It's simple, get to hunting. That's right, on Monday, May 25th, the Through The Looking Glass grid wide hunt begins, and we have the coverage for you. This hunt is being brought to you by Anarya Elderslie of Andem Fashions. The past month we have been sorting through previews and chatting with a handful of the vendors out of this hunt. I personally think this will be more of an introductory hunt, in means of you being able to see more new shops, perhaps some you have never been to, than a hunt comprised of older well known stores. A way to broaden your creator support. For now, I will tease you with a sneak peak, as the hunt start ON MONDAY.

Here, I want to dazzle you with this bold dress from Kerryth Tarantal Studio. Upon popping into the shop and checking out the goods, you'll find that Kerryth sells fun bright fractal wall art, as well as some fun dresses. You can find this shop on the Lemania sim.

The hat, well that is another store. This madly awesome 10/6ths hat is only half of the gift from VDI. That's right, I'm being a tease. You have to stay plugged in to see more! I'll just mention the girls gift from VDI is shoes. Go pop in to VDI yourself and get a taste of their shop. (They have a MM if you didn't know. Another sweet treat to keep up with)

Now, before I sign off for the day, just keep in mind that with any grid wide hunt, you wont like everything! That is the risk you take enjoying a hunt. Let's start our summers off right shall we?


Green Dream said...

*Steals the dress off of Prudence* >_>

Prudence said...

At least trade me a tater sac :O

Narita said...

woooo! kerryth rules!! <3 :D