Saturday, May 2, 2009


May is shaping up to be an interesting month, starting this morning with a 100L sale on all clothes and apparently hair at Nomine! This is a ridiculous treat, because upon arriving I found myself face to face with the Magdelena set from last summer's Black Swan event. For 100L. Ready to die with me?
It comes in black or white, ridiculously detailed AND it comes with skins. No seriously. Skins. Nomine clothes and skins, together, for 100L. SHUT. UP. I'm showing off the black set, but I'll probably end up getting the white set as well before this is all over. The heart is no doubt the focal point of this piece. Its so detailed, and um... awesome. The set also comes with boots, and different frill options for the top. Its a gorgeous set, and concidering the fact that it was originally 3000L, you really shouldn't pass this up while you have the chance. 100L. You know you want it.
There are also a LOT of really neat pieces available. I don't think a lot of people think about the fact that Nomine does clothes. Munch is mostly known for her amazing skins, and there are a couple of other skins hiding around the store for 100L each, so you'd do well to run down and check out all of the goodies available. The sale is only on until Monday, so don't procrastinate. Go spend your monies now!

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