Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fields of Flora

Not too long ago Trickett turned me onto Donna Flora. Now I am a big fan! Her textures are unique and her designs make me think Vintage Couture. I think her clothes really tell a story and I definitely want to get some more of them! Here is the current Donna Flora Dollarbie. Talking about fabulous check out these shoes from G*Field! I picked up the brown pair called "Rosette" as a subscribo gift. Then I had to go back for the red pair, the textures are gorgeous and they are really well made a real steal for under 200L. These are a revamp of the "PrimRose ShoesA" to celebrate the release of the "Rosette", Cerberus Noel is offering anyone who's purchased the PrimRose shoes in the past the opportunity to buy one pair of the new Rosette shoes and get one free. If you want more info on this go to the Rosette Display in G*Field where there is a poster with NC's.

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