Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pony Kick Eyes

I like eyes. I own a lot of them. Many eyes are a good thing. You need eyes for pale skins, eyes for dark skins, eyes for wide eyes, eyes for slim eyes, eyes for looking like a creepy weirdo and eyes for looking slightly more normal. I wear about three on a regular basis. x: I still don't get eyes with yellowed whites. <.<
Incase you're an eye collector like me here are a few I've picked up recently.

And I just found the last five minutes of Eurovision semi-finals. I always miss the actual songs. :/ The Czech Republic's entry was by a band called 'Super Gypsy' (read: man in super hero costume) and the Bulgarian's have an Elvis impersonator with some women in red wigs and big cello things. Note to self: Saturday BBC1. I won't miss the crazy antics this way.

These are from Kick. There is a set of freebies by the door that come in three sizes and the colours black, brown and the blue pair shown here. And if you can catch it, the pair in the Lucky Board is fairly brilliant. They're prim eyes so you can change the colours and they come with pupil resizer and lots of things to help you fit the prims. :3

These are from Pony Fashion. Weird eyes. <3 The poker eyes feature all the suits and are 1L for the set. And the 'natural' eye set is free. I think they're both by the door.

Prim Eyes - Kick - Lucky Chair
Blue Eyes - Kick - Freebie (3 sizes/colours)
Poker Eyes - Pony Fashion - 1L
'Natural' Eyes - Pony Fashion - Freebie

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