Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Bikinis!

Apatia Hammerer of my beloved *Thimbles* just showered her groups in swimwear - YAY! My beach blanket fantasies live on! XD

Both the *Thimbles* group & the I Heart Starlust group got her newest bikini. A different color for each. And each bikini comes with two options for the top - strings or no strings. *Thimbles* Stopping to Pee and Get Smokes at WaWa - blueberry (*Thimbles* Group Gift)

*Thimbles* Stopping to Pee and Get Smokes at WaWa - hot pink (I Heart Starlust Group Gift)


Prudence said...


Oh I love you?

okrebecca said...

WAWA???? omfg someone *else* lives in pennsylvania yayyyyy

Prudence said...

None of us do, Okrebecca >.>