Friday, May 15, 2009

Indie Rock for RFL Carnival

The Relay for Life Campaign is still going! And the Indie Rock for RFL group has come up with a fantastic way to raise some serious money. This weekend, they have set up a full carnival across 2 sims, filled with every ride and game imaginable, along with non-stop parties, dancing and raging hot music! There's even a beach, boardwalk, dune buggies and loads more to see and do!

And the RFL exclusives are amazing! These are some of the hottest designers on the grid, with some of the best goodies - all at affordable prices. Outfit your avatar from head to toe with slammin' creations you can't find in stores. And every last Linden goes to support a great cause! Not even the DJs are taking tips. Everything - EVERYTHING - goes straight to RFL! Look for all of the designer kiosks in the shops along the boardwalk. Each one is better than the next. You will go broke & it will all be worth it!

And if that's not enough, there's even an entire section of AMAZING prizes up for auction! Head on down to Teasy Beach to check out all of the super exclusives you can bid on at the Designer Auction, being held this Sunday, May 17th, at 5pm SLT. You will plotz when you see what you can win! Everything from private photo sessions with acclaimed photographers to custom designed clothing & poses! I can feel you plotzing already.

Dress - [W&B] Haver Tiered Frock RFL - $250L
Hat - SPLIT PEA - Here Comes Your Man - Flower thingy - $50L

*Thimbles* Toasted Plaid Knuckle Crack Teal - $150L
Poses - PUDGE relay for life poses - $75L

Crack open that wallet, stock up on some fat Linden cash & go be crazy generous!


Hempy Weezles said...

I'm plotzing I'm plotzing!

Narita said...

<3 you! XD