Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mmmmm... Sales....

Regular readers are aware of just how much I loves me a good sale. Today there are two that you absolutely have to hit!

The first is Malt. They're getting ready for summer by slashing prices. Everything is either 50% off, or $100L. Plus, they've recently set up a bargain basement section in the... uh, well, the basement. Sale runs all week & there's loads of great stuff to get. I picked up two very versatile outfits, so it's like getting 5 outfits instead of just 2! (At least that's what I tell my wallet.)

.:MALT:. Fashions - ROXY Outfit - Cerulean - $100L

This next one is both a pretty sundress & a halter top. I paired the top with shorts from Twosome (previously blogged).

Dress/Top - .:MALT:. Fashions - TYRILHA BABYDOLL - Cerise - $100L
Shorts - *TS* Autumn Shorts - Black - $110L (part of a set)

All of the poses used in this post are from Striking Poses. And nearly every single one cost only $1L. Creator Zelly Mornington regularly sets out out dollarabies in the center of her store. And if you've missed one, you can find it up on her XStreet account.

The next big sale going on right now is at Marlys. Designer Marleen Vaughan has decided to close her store for good, in order to pursue RL stuffs. The Polly Jean sim is being sold & Marlys is closing forever. The sale is for this weekend ONLY. There's loads of stuff out right now - including some older stock - all at ridiculously cheap prices. And nearly everything you see is a fatpack. So get your butts down there and give the lady a proper send off.

Hair - .Marlys. Socially Awkward Cupcake licorice - $150 L for a Fatpack of 12 colors
Top - {Gisaci} Hoja Top - Black - $175
Bottoms - .Marlys. The Gernreich Agenda in Coral, Shark, Oceanic & Sunset - $150 L for a Fatpack of 4

.Marlys. Zaara's Wings Tattoo - $1L

To Marly & to all of the designers who are shutting their doors this month (and, sadly, there are an awful lot of you), I would just like to say goodbye & wish you all the very best in everything going forward. Thank you for all of your contributions to Second Life. The grid is richer because of all you have shared. <3

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Marly Vaughan said...

aww. thank you lover!
this was soo sweet!