Sunday, May 31, 2009

Couple More Goodies to Get

While stalking the Lucky Chair at Icing last night, I spotted this dress on a girl who ported in & I loved it so much I had to track it down. Much to my surprise, this adorable little mini from Sisters is only $10L! It's kind of crazy not to go get it, so go get it!

Jeri Dress Green - $10L

Then while searching my giantcrazyoverflowing inventory for a cute makeup to wear with my new dress - out of nowhere - Baiastice dropped a box on her group containing 2 gorgeous new skins. Designer Sissy Pessoa is celebrating the release of her brand new Donnarama Gloss skin line, which will be available after 1pm SLT today, and the makeup is so intricate and yummy you just have to go check it out for yourself. I'm showing it here without any lashes so you can see it a bit better, but trust me - it's something you have to wear to truly appreciate.

Left - Baiastice_Donnarama Gloss-Sunkiss gift 1 BK
Right - Baiastice_Donnarama Gloss-Sunkiss gift 2 BK

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