Saturday, May 2, 2009

Panda Pididdle Stringer-Schismphrenic OH MY!

I have lots to show you tonight and I couldn't wait till morning so here I am its almost 4:20am and I'll have two munchkins jumping on me at 9am but whatev! I got a notice from cutest Panda ever Kioko Kumaki owner of Panda Express, that she has a Xstreet Exclusive promo going on. For only 50L you can get the "Riding the Dragon" set in the color of your choice!
Pick either red, pink, green, or blue. This special will only be around for four days! OK so I'm a broke bish at the moment and could only show you pink here but this outfit is so cute it includes Top, Bottom, Prim Cuffs, Prim upper glove w/ laces- all resize scripted.
Panda Express is my favorite place for cute kawaii style nobody does it better in my opinion. Find "Riding the Dragon" on XStreet HERE in pink for 50L.
(do a search if you want another color)
I am loving these poses too! I found those at Pididdle while hunting. They are upstairs in a box on the floor for only 50L! I'm only showing a hand full of them sorry I didn't count them but there is a bunch.......... Now for the nearly free stuff!
These skins, hairs, and eyes are available right now for next to nothing to celebrate the Grand Opening Schismphrenic Skins in world!!!! Evangeline Schism has had her Eloh Eliot skin mod franchise for some time on XStreet, but she has now set up shop in world! As a thanks to those who've supported her she has some skins out for 1L one of which I am wearing above. The green makeup skin is in honor of the lovely Theabsinthe Faery and a limited addition. I love the makeup especially the lips. Also I'm showing Starstruck in the top left corner, cute and only 25L! They go great with the ][Ruin][ Eyes which are set out for a limited time six set of really funky eyes you really should not miss. And Last but never least the infamous Helena Stringer wants to celebrate the opening of Schismphrenic Skins and there is a gift from the Stringer Mausoleum out for a limited time you get all the hair in this post plus some!
Grab them while you can at Schismphrenic Skins and show some love while your there!

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