Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I drop bombs like Hiroshima

A-Bomb has a pile of goodies in store right now that are only 25L each! There are two pairs of shoes, a dress and apparently I heard word of swimwear for 25L each. The dress shown above is called 'Miss Murder' and while I kind of want to punch Davey Havok in the face, I have to admit, this set is super cute. It comes complete with leggings and a little tie, and you can get it in green for 25L right now. If you like it in purple, well, its only 150L. That won't break the bank, will it?

There are also two sets of sneakers available for 25L. One set is the Nazumi sneaker in red, which is super cute, as well as the Luna sneaker in Yellow (Luna style shown above). I'm wearing one from the pink, and one from the teal, don't they look so cute all mixed up! The Luna and Nazumi style sneakers retail at 150L a set, so make sure you can grab these sets for 25L while you can! Also make sure to hit the Midnight Mania instore for an adorable pair of dolly heels with a black and white bow on the side.

These 25L deals will only be on until sunday, so make sure to stop by!

In other news, there are very few people I *really* fangirl over. my favorite Vivi, Katat0nik, Fade, then there is Del May. I first met Del stalking the [Pink Fuel] chair one night, and found her to be totally sweet. Del is one of those ladies that really tends to fly under the radar, but she's amazing, and if you follow her flickr, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

You might have seen Del's eyes chilling on the wall in the old Miasnow shop before the remodel. They are honestly some of the most innovative and creative eyes available on the grid. She recently opened a shop, full of her gorgeous, gorgeous eyes, and all of them are what? Only 50L. Now I can understand, I'm not really one to pay for eyes, but these eyes are an exception. They are so unique, you can't help but find at least one pair you can't live without.

In the two pictures above I'm featuring the eyes from her Red 'N Purple Button Eyes set. For 50L you don't just get one pair of eyes. You get FOUR pairs of eyes, in every size you can imagine. I'm wearing two styles, the purple on red and the red on purple, but there are also two more styles without the background, just the buttons. For 50L. Shutup. Oh, and they sure look good with that purple 'Miss Murder' set above ;D

But thats not all. There is also a lucky chair in Del's beautiful new store. In the lucky chair you'll find the exclusive 'Red Planet' eyes pack. I absolutely love them, totally creepy/sexy/bizarre all at the same time. The chair is on a 10 minute timer, and you'll be pleased to know there are wild cards, hooray!


addison said...

YAY! You totally rocked the AFI reference!

addison said...

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