Monday, May 25, 2009

So Many Gifts

So Many Styles has gotten a brand new home & to celebrate, Irie Campese has dumped a great big pile of goodies on her group! Dresses, cardigans, skirts... oh my! So generous & so many fun pieces. Join up & feel the love! Then head down to the new store & check out all the new stock! (I am so saving my Lindens for another SMS splurge! ;D)

{SMS} Deco Simple Dress in Magenta & Seagreen

Left to Right:
{SMS} Knitted Cardi Black, {SMS} Simple Mini Skirt Magenta, {SMS} Knitted Cardi Biege, {SMS} Simple Mini Skirt Seagreen, {SMS} Impression Top Pink, Project Kiwi Faded Blue Jean Short, {SMS} Knitted Cardi Red, {SMS} Knitted Cardi Blue

The shorts in that pic above are just 1 in a set of 5 denim shorts sent out this weekend through the Project Kiwi Subscribe-o-Matic Group. Apparently previous versions of the shorts had an error in them & to correct the issue, designer Minami Susanowa has decided to send this set out to the group for FREE. All of them are completely perfect & adorable & total wardrobe essentials. She's even added new colors of them in store. And since the last $10L sale went so great, she's extended it and changed up the items that are marked down. So, if you loved what you got last time, head over & go grab your favorites in other colors! :D

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