Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pacadi Opens

So, a few of you may recall, a few months ago Maeva owners announced they would be expanding soon, and the day has come where we stop waiting, and start shopping at the newly opened doors of Pacadi Jasha. If you like an Armidi or Maitreya atmosphere of a store, especially in quality, then you will like Pacadi Jasha.

I popped into the shop after basking in the blogger appreciation events to snoop the place out, as I have eagerly been dying to see this opening happen. I ended up leaving a little down in the pocket, but rich in inventory. Totally worth the mere pennies spent. While we awaited this opening, we were teased and tantalized by promotional sales. Below I composed a photo to simple display the assortment you can find there.

One of the owners, Lotta, I have spoken to a few times over the past few months. She's a wonderfully easy person to talk to, especially if you have any issues with your purchases. As if gorgeous product wasn't enough to entice you to shop, the owners truly represent as fabulous as their product is. So go, enjoy the new store, and may it become your new favorite.

Left to Right

Hair; [Pacadi Jasha] Susan I - Charcoal
Skin; [PACADI BODY SHOP] - Gen I_A02a Summersun
Eyes; [PACADI BODY SHOP] - Realistic Eyes [NaturalBlue]
Necklace; [PACADI] - Oiffe Necklace [warm red]
Dress; [PACADI] - Bianchi Cocktail Dress

Top; [PACADI] - Frilled Vest [White]
Pants; [PACADI] - Knee Pants [black]

Hair; [Pacadi Jasha] Susan I - Charcoal
Lingerie; [Pacadi] - The French [turquoise]
Leggings; [PACADI] - Coloured Leggings [black]

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