Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tis good to be a blogger.

I feel spoiled the past few days it being Blogger appreciation week. I never expect anything from anyone I buy most of what you see, but this week I've been flooded with some wonderful goodies I feel privileged to show you.
The wonderful Drinkinstein Sorbet of The Sea Hole Mall sent me this super cute babydoll outfit "Browns and bright set" only 225L at The Sea Hole. The supercute curtain behind me in this picture I picked up for around 100L at the Sea Hole garden center, but I didn't see it set up at the new mall yet. I'll have to ask her about it. *edit* Drink said there is a TP to the garden area in the cave! Woot.

This hair I picked up tonight from Hal*Hina new main shop, they left us a gift to celebrate. You will find it right next to the lucky board you'll see the poster and a gift box labeled Almond hair-Hazel. There is also some camp chairs I'm kicking myself for not sticking my butt in one while I made up this post! Doh.

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