Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Gray Area.

The title of this post was inspired by a coffee house I stopped in while I was in Amsterdam several years ago called The Gray Area. I thought it was fitting.

Last night I was lucky enough to catch a shout by Moddish to the luckychair stalkers group for a cute dress on letter H. To my surprise it was a shop that was completely new to me called English Element in Harajukubox town. And if your lucky enough you can win this beautifully textured argyle and grey sweater dress!English Element "Sophisticated Sweater Dress" Lucky chair prize.
I've paired the dress with Dilly Dolls Stiletto GoGo's which are uber versatile! You can change every part of these boots which gives you endless color combinations! As of this post they are still on the MM board! Go give it a click!
Rockberry "Character Skin" group gift
Scribble "Bubble Pipe" in Rainbow bunny hop hunt gift.
The Bubble pipe in green is still on the Scribble Lucky board!
Hair is an older prize from Glitter.
Eyes "Gray" from 18 color eye set by Sakurako not free.

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Elliandra said...

Awesome just awesome. Woohoo Hempy!

=) =) =)