Saturday, May 2, 2009

Snatchin' Up the Goodies

The always insanely generous Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch has reloaded her RiotVend & Lucky Fortune Chairs for the week! And damn if I wasn't totally lucky tonight... (Thanks to my perfect match Hempy! ;D) I've also included in this post a couple more goodies from the Freebie sections at the new Wonderland sim. And, while I was taking the photos, the never-endingly wonderful Elate! dropped a set of fortuitously-matching eyes on her Subscribe-o-Matic Group! Told ya! Lucky! XD

The Sn@tch RiotVend has the Road to Hell Set, which has 3 pairs of cheetah print pants with optional leg flares (not pictured), plus 3 matching denim crop tops. This drops down to just $50L and it's a screaming bargain. And the Lucky Fortune Chairs has the full Rumour Thermals in Bright, which comes with 8 color options! Put the call out on all your freebie groups & mob these immediately!

Shirt - :::Sn@tch Rumour Thermal (Sky):::
Pants - :::Sn@tch Road to Hell Cheetah Jeans (White):::
Earrings - *Ticky Tacky* Lick Me! Earrings - White - $1L
Shirt - :::Sn@tch Rumour Thermal (Lemon):::
Pants - :::Sn@tch Road to Hell Cheetah Jeans:::
Shirt - :::Sn@tch Road to Hell Jean Jacket (Black):::
Pants - :::Sn@tch Road to Hell Cheetah Jeans (Red):::

In addition to all the goodies at Sn@tch, there's also a weekly Group Gift, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna tell you where to find it. Subscribe to the group & she'll tell ya' every time. ;D I'm modeling it here with the awesomely ridiculous FREE Queen of Hearts hair & mouth card set from Pocket Mirrors. Yes, it poofs hearts, appropriately. And those eyes from Elate!? Click on the picture to see it better, but I swear they match the doo-dads in the hair perfectly!

Bikini - :::Sn@tch Kini (Red Leopard)::: (Group Gift)
Hair - **Pocket Mirrors** Queen of Hearts Updo - FREE
Eyes - (Elate!) Hazel Eyes (Group Gift)


okrebecca said...

Hi! The heart hair and cards seem super cute but they are not at the store location in Serenus Prime, could you possibly list the other freebie locations in this wonderful new sim?

Narita said...

lol i purposely left the freebie locations out so that you guys could explore the new sim. XD as you wander around you'll find them all - they are easy to spot - promise!

all i'll tell ya is that you should look for a big queen of hearts card as you're cruising the freebies ;D