Thursday, May 7, 2009

Silks and Wings

I don't normally or ever really wear silks but I like having them in my inventory, as I've said before they're floaty and pretty and good for looking like a fae-thing. For this reason I've never really stalked silk boards but I decided to this month, mostly because I couldn't think of anything to blog. x: But I'm glad I did and I think I'll be doing so again next month. :3

This first set is from Analise. I found the glow setting a little bright so I set it down to 0.01. x:
The wings are a past profile pick prize from Material Squirrel, which has been updating it's prizes everyday for the past few days. These are no longer available but maybe they'll come around again?

This second set is from Haven Designs. They don't come with underpants so I found a suitable pair of bikini bottoms in my inventory. >.> Don't leave the house (or strip club) without covering certain places. x:
The wings are from today's daily profile pick at Material Squirrel. If you don't have them in your profile you'll miss this set but if you do this is your friendly reminder. :3

Skin - Tuli as blogged by Narita
Hair - Uncle Web as blogged by Wrenja
First Silks - Analise - Lucky Board for May
Second Silks - Haven Designs - Lucky Board for May
Wings - Material Squirrel - Daily Pics

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Hempy Weezles said...

Omg gorgeous!! the silks look really wonderful. Love the pics! :))