Friday, May 1, 2009

Uncle Web is BACK!

News Flash kiddies, Uncle Web is now OPEN, and has some special hair out for you. I've heard a lot of pissing and moaning about Uncle Web being closed, but the wait is over, so hop to now and go grab your hair! There is a style for boys, and for girls. Cutey Magic and her darling boyfriend Dark came along with me to take photos and have some fun on the beach. Aren't they adorable?I like how I'm just the random sex pot, leaning against Cutey. The pose is also a gift, from Glitterati, who is having a birthday event on right now and this pose is one of the gifts waiting for you if you take the time to run by and check it out!

Sorry I haven't been around much recently bebes, I've been having one thing after another thrown at me, and generally it seems to be in the cruelest way possible, so I'm a bit run down. Hopefully, things will start to calm down soon. My mom's second and last round of chemo starts on Monday, and then after next week, there is like... a week or two left of radiation, hopefully that will be the end of the story, I totally appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts, they mean the world to me :)

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