Wednesday, May 20, 2009

in the cacoon


Hay again! Things have been totally hectic recently, I feel like I'm not just running on empty, I'm running on like... negative empty. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Recently my Grandfather was admitted to the hospital because he collapsed on the beach, he had a leaky heart valve. He's in intensive care, but he's doing well, and will more than likely be home soon. On top of that, my step mother went in for hip replacement surgery *yesterday* but they're saying she'll be going home on Friday. Which is just ridiculous to me.

The best news yet though, is that my mother receives her last round of Radiation tomorrow!\o/ Its not all over yet. They tacked on two more rounds of Chemo, but Chemo is supposed to be a lot less horrible when you aren't receiving radiation. Her next round of Chemo is on Monday too, so after next week, we'll be in the final stretch. Thank you so much for all of the notes and wishes for good luck and your prayers, they've meant a lot to me and my mother. When all this is over, I'll be back in full capacity and better than ever I promise :D
In the mean time, Dare Designs has a couple of new sets in his lucky chairs that are exclusive for this week. They'll be in the chairs until Sunday, and after that, you'll just have to buy them kiddies! There have been people who have expressed concerns about not seeing the exclusive items showing up in the Lucky Chairs at Dare Designs recently, but I can assure you they are there. Dare recently weeded out a lot of the older items in the chairs to make sure these sets could get the attention they deserve. I personally went and checked to make sure they were showing up too, so I promise you, not a thing to worry about :D
So these two shades of pink are exclusive this week, next week there will be something else, and believe me, the exclusive items for next week will be hot.

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