Monday, May 4, 2009

Keys to the VIP preview

So, there are a couple of big hunts coming up in the next two weeks. One of which being the controversial 'Keys to the VIP' hunt. I have to admit, the organizer really hasn't done much to get people interested, there are only five previews up on the VIP blog, and when you're paying 200L to play, you need to give a little more transparency than that. As well as there isn't any information as to where the money you're paying with goes. You'd think they'd make at least that much visible, but alas. Good thing is, I asked around and what I've been told is that at the end of the hunt, they're going to split the funds up equally between all of the vendors.
Another good thing is I'm friends with a couple of the vendors involved, and one of which oh so kindly dropped her gifts on me the other night so that she could get a bit of exposure, and so the hunt could get a bit of exposure, because right now, how many of you have *really* bought tickets for this hunt? So, I'm showing you the Liquid Candy hunt gift. Its kind of amazing, especially if you're a little mod bitch who can't get enough of the Union Flag, Twiggy and my own personal rock god, David Bowie. Its a really lovely furnished skybox, with colors that pop and lots of places to sit down, sleep, etc.
There is plenty of space for you to add your own touches, and it is two stories tall, which is nice. I was really impressed with the build, you don't generally get stuff this nice from hunts, and considering the price you're paying for the VIP hunt, things really need to be nice. Another thing about the VIP hunt I don't think a lot of people are realizing, is that after you complete the hunt, you get special access to an area with even more gifts.
Allias straight up spoils you, you get six necklaces(multi colored shown below), some converse-y type sneakers, and then a pile of super cute umbrellas in lots of colors with poses to go with them. She put a lot of thought into her gifts, as you receive closed umbrellas and open versions, as well as lots of different colors of the sneakers to mix and match.
So far the VIP camp isn't giving much away, and I'm helping what little I can, because A) Allias is my friend, and B) this set is super nice, and deserves the attention. Lets hope the organizers shape up and start getting previews of gifts out, because VIP starts on the 8th, and that isn't that far away, now is it?

since a couple of people asked, here is a link to the Keys to the VIP hunt blog


Andosmum said...

I bought a "ticket" to the hunt - just to see if it is really going to be something worthwhile - as many hunts have well ... items that are not worth the time or effort.

$200L is very little money for good quality goods - and hopefully the vendors will really use this as a showcase opportunity

Green Dream said...

L$200 is a little bit of money if you're getting quality, but it is a lot when it's 2/3 of your stipend that is really your only source of "income", let alone no Linden at all.

Hempy Weezles said...

I work for all my L's and I'm not going to shell out 200L's on stuff I havnt seen yet. Thanks Wrenja for the preveiw and Thanks Allias for allowing us a sneak peek. Not only the skybox but the other stuff looks way fun!!

Hempy Weezles said...

PS where can I find more info online about Keys to the gridwide hunt? I wasnt able to find an official site about it yet. yes I'm blind.

Wrenja said...

I'll put a link to the blog up on the post

Prudence said...

I just fuzzed myself.