Friday, May 1, 2009


Have you ever wanted to enter Wonderland? Now is your chance. The brilliant mind of Melatonin Hax, known for her part in the beloved Starlust Motel sims, is now part of a two-sim spread themed after the ever loved Alice in Wonderland. The lands are littered with shops you may or may not know. Our very own Narita has a set up there; Go check it out.

The sims don't officially open until 8pm SLT.
So, I'm not going to link the locations, or shops.
(You get a luxury by me linking Nartots, and Ding has a link up on her blog too if you are smart enough to find it in her post!)

It's almost an endless amount of shops, which means open spot space for those of you looking to expand your store fronts! Also, there are FOUR locations around the sims, with freebies dropped in celebration of the opening. I can't tell you where there. Do what we did, run around and enjoy the sim it's self. Eventually you'll find all four locations. Just let the paths guide you.

In our journey across the sims, Narita got tired of my bumping into her, and whipped out a gun on me. Worse, a blow dryer gun. SHE WAS TRYING TO ELECTROCUTE ME! Needless to say, I was pretty helpless, but luck was on my side. The tunnle swirled into a storm of cards, and cut the bitches leg off. Win.

Gifts worn in the photos: On Narita; Shoes, Shirt, Blow Dryer, Scarf, Jewelry. On me; Shirt, Broach, Hair. It's up to you to find them on your own! (Try to wait until 8.)

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