Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whole Foods has these amazing cupcakes with goldfish on them...

And I've never had the guts to get one. They look so delicious :( But the fishies are so cute, and I don't want to eat his little fishie face, even tho it'll be sugary and wonderful. Its funny, I LOVE fish. Keeping fish, and eating fish, so you'd think I'd be a little more eager to get me one of those cupcakes, but no.

Anyway, one of my most favorite stores on the grid, Adore + Abhor reopened a few days ago, and the new store is lovely! My favorite Ariedine has all kinds of new goodies in her shop, first up the darling party dress for her reopening 'I'll cry if I want to'

Next up we have an adorable little dress, 'My Bubbles!'. This sucker is exclusive to her 7seas fishing area, and totally worth the time it'll take to fish up, its SO cute. I'm also a huge sucker for fishies :3 Ey lubs ewe feeshieees

There is also a Midnight Mania, with a gorgeous dress in it. There are only 50 spots though, so get your name on there while you can! Also, there will be a hunt at LA Street Scene this weekend :O

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