Sunday, May 17, 2009

For all of your Hunting Needs

Hey guys :o

Sorry I've been so absent lately. The past few weeks have been pretty rough on me, and I'm just starting to come out of the squall. I apologize for not keeping up on the hunt list, but I'm not trashing it, so don't worry about that. I know I'm missing a few hunts, but I can't think of them at the mo. Feel free to comment or drop me a message if you know of one I missed.

The ongoing Tiny Sim hunt has a new cyberpunkish gift for tinies hiding in one of the new shops on the sim, its totally hot, so make sure to check that out :)

Bloody Mess Hunt at Fallen Gods - Through May 20th
Dare Designs
Grendel's Children Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Lemania's may flowers hunt - through the 31st
Magia Accessories -Ongoing
Miriel - Ongoing
Rayskin Hunt - ongoing
*Roseo* & *M* rogue forest store opening
Tiny Sim - Ongoing

Have a good week!


Chic Aeon said...

Hey there - welcome back! The Yebizah Hunt is great so you might want to check it out and add to your list.


Green Dream said...

How does the Roseo & M hunt work? I cna't ifn much info on it at all.

Wrenja said...

The Roseo/*M* hunt is tiny mushrooms hiding through the stores. Not all of them have stuff in them though.

thanks for the tip Chic :)