Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Journey through Oz

This week from May 22nd - May 29th The Magic of Oz sim is having another wonderful hunt this time tocelebrate the birthday of Frank Baum, Author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. While you explore the sim there are special podiums holding the Book of Oz, when you find one you click on the book and your presented with multiple choice trivia questions based on the Oz Book series. When you correctly answer the questions your rewarded with a balloon. Take the balloon to the appropriate store and your then given a special gift. I'm happy to show you some of them now.
Dorothy Dress - Crie Style
Tin man Wannabe Hair - Wasabi Pills
Red Shoes - "Judy" Baum's Birthday Freebie in Loulou & co. (not hunt gift)
Both Skins pictured here are part of Stinger Mausoleum hunt prize.
Outfit on right: "Scraps" Silentsparrow hunt prize
Tie: Schedenfreude hunt prize
Check out the item on my arm! Its called "Cupcake Survival Kit!" and its the hunt prize from the Laughing Academy when clicked you get a cupcake to eat and a cupcake for your mouth!
(The Witch outfit/shape was a Xstreet freebie from Halloween from Grim Bros I couldn't find it still available but I did see another free dress from Grim Bros on Xstreet. Search it!)
Saiyge Gown - Hunt prize from Evie's Closet
Otters in little balloons - from Risusipo (in Away and Non-Away versions)
Angel Penguin - from Aqua Shop (it showers daisies from the little vase its holding)
The eyes I used to complete my Wicked Witch look I didn't get them from the hunt these are from May Girl lucky board!! May Girl has some really gorgeous eyes I was recently admiring them on a girl and she gave me the LM, I was pleasantly surprised to see a pack of three colors for only 100L and picked up a pack. These Red ones are currently on the Lucky board it comes with a more solid red, and then a (Lighten) version which is shown here.

There is alot more to discover at The Magic of Oz Sim go check it out!

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