Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away.

Today I was tipped off in the Love/Hate HiveMind group about some cute free gummi rain boots and I ran over to [LCKY] to check it out! This was my first time to this shop and it has some really cute accessories and hairs. You will find a pinkish sign saying LCKY on it with the boots. After that I decided hey I need a raincoat! I asked my friend ColdFrog where I could find one, she directed me to Kuri Style AKA K*S! Lucky for us Kuri Karas was standing right there because the raincoat wasn't out! Kuri is so nice she put out the raincoat just for you! I'm modeling pink to match my boots, but there is also a blue 50L each.
(Search Kuri Style to find a hidden blue raincoat for 1L!
*hint* if you are near the chocolate chicks your close to it!)
Raincoat: Kuri Style - One-Piece78 Warmheart (Pink) 50L
(Blue version 1L hidden in the shop too!)
Umbrella with color change script and pose: Discord lucky board its been up a while and may be replaced soon if you want it I wouldn't wait. OH! and Discord has a new group gift too.~_^

Pink Gummi Rainboots: [LCKY] gift available in the shop 0L.
I wanted to give you a couple more reasons to go to Kuri Style and Kuri was so nice and gave me some cute goodies before I left. I have seen some of these on the feeds before but they are nice enough to give another mention, if this doesn't tickle your fancy there is something for everyone and its all reasonably priced most is 1-2L highest priced item is 150L.
K*S- One-Piece Tartan check dresses 10L each.
K*S- One-Piece144-145 st. Valentines Dresses 2L each.

K*S Swimming suits 2L each
All the poses in the last three pictures are also from Kuri Style you can buy a pack of 3 for 10L!

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