Saturday, May 9, 2009

Voodoo Dolls at The Sea Hole's RAD MALL!

I posted recently about Voodoo Dolls leaving Dover Crossing, and finding a new home near The Sea Hole, well now The Sea Hole has picked up and moved again along with Voodoo Dolls and have a new gloriously fresh and fun little mall. Drinkinstein does not disappoint because besides being a totally cool build, this little piece of Technicolor heaven is filled with some of our favorite shops. They are still busy setting up but, its looking like it will be one of my new favorite hang outs. The store fronts are so cute and vibrant .. oh and they are filling up awfully fast! So if you want to be a part of The Sea Hole's Rad Mall you better get a move on because most of the shops are already taken. Some of the rad shops that will now share a home with The Sea Hole and Voodoo Dolls are Naith Smit Designs, Love Soul, Addict, and Show me on the Doll just to name a few! With all these great names in one place your bound to find something to your liking! Good luck and Congratulations to Drinkinstein for such a lovely build and a successful opening!

To celebrate the grand opening of The Sea Hole's Rad Mall Voodoo Dolls is having a HUGE sale! Everything aside from new releases are on sale now from 50-150L's! According to Voodoo Dolls vixen Deja Hax the sale will be on for a while but, once its over these items will be gone for good. Deja is making room for a bunch of new merchandise. I'll definitely be waiting in anticipation but, until then I'll show you a few things I scored from the sale. All purchased for 100L's each.
Voodoo Dolls "Star Bright" now on sale 100L
Voodoo Dolls "Purple Haze" on sale 100L

Voodoo Dolls "Stardust" in Silver on sale 100L

Lil extra I wanted to show you is the current Picks reward from Philotic Energy. I am really picky about long hairs and I was impressed with this one. If you like it add Philotic Energy to your picks wait a day and then go back and snatch it up.
My necklace is from Rockers Wear, everything is on sale now for 25L!
My skin in this post was a group gift from Free speerit and I believe it is still available.

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