Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fukmi? FOOK YU!

There is a cute little store called Fukmi, where you can get these two outfits you see above for nothing more then a click of the MM board! I think some ladies were disappointed we couldn't lock the board down last night so get a move on and lock this down tonight! While your at Fukmi make sure you hit up the subscribo, and right next to it collect this cute freebie!Fukmi Dollarbie: Includes corduroy pants with prim leg cuffs, also the cute lil top in shirt and jacket layer. Sorry my hair is blocking the design its very cute I picked the wrong shot. If your concerned about cyber cooties you might want to grab this swine flu mask 0L. Close-up below.

Aren't these shoes adorable? I found these while camping the chair at Blue Blood. You can purchase them right near the lucky chair for only 25L in stripes or plaid.
The skin worn in this post was a recent limited group gift from Ugly Dorothy. This particular gift "Clown" was limited to only 300 people and all of them have been collected. BUT don't fret you could find a lucky pad HERE where you may score another Ugly Dorothy skin.


Elliandra said...

Woohoo you liked it =)

Hempy Weezles said...

You always have the best tips Elli! Thank you <3