Friday, May 15, 2009

Ivalde Brings the Pretty

If you haven't cruised the Ivalde Lucky Chair lately, you might have missed the fact that Neferia has restocked it with 4 gorgeous dresses that you won't find anywhere else. These dresses are exclusive to the Lucky Chair & will never be sold in the store. So, stalking is mandatory! After several worthy hours of calling letters, I managed to snag 3 of them - woohooo! :D

And, ladies, they are gorgeous! Ugh - the textures are so sumptuous, I just wanna lick my screen. The chair is set to 10 minutes, so fire up your stalker groups & gather a mob. You need these!

~Ivalde~Claretta green gown (Lucky Chair Prize)

~Ivalde~Claretta blue dress (Lucky Chair Prize)

~Ivalde~bernadetta dress (Lucky Chair Prize)

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