Friday, May 8, 2009

is that gangrene??

Recently I was out chair stalking, and saw a girl in the most amazing dress. Being a total and complete snoop, I inspected her dress of course, and TPed to a store that could possibly be the next big thing. Great clothes, great quality and great prices to boot! The place is called Rotten Toe. I squeed and tried my best to not buy the whole store without thinking about it. There is a freebie pair of skully rain boots, but... they've got nothing on the things I'm going to show you. Also, check out the hot picture Pru took of me :3

The set above is called 'Evil Junkyard Queen' and comes complete with hair, and all kinds of options. Its a gorgeous set, all kinds of detail and just pure awesome included, and the best part is the price. Seriously, this set, the whole set (not boots, sorry, those are from J's ;d oh and the black torn pantyhose aren't part of the set, but who doesn't have a set of torn pantyhose in their inventory, lets just be honest here.) is 100L. Thats it. Look like you're about to conduct Thunderdome for a mere 100L, and look more stylish than Tina Turner :O

I also bought the deluxe lolita dress shown above. Its totally cute, and only 35L. Its on the rack with the other dresses. Good luck getting past the dresses, I really really really need like... all of the Lolidoom dresses, they are so cute, and I really don't know how I managed to get out of the store without buying any of them. While you're there make sure to check out the Victorian Decay set, which is the set that drew me to the store in the first place. It's beautiful, ridiculously beautiful, and only 400L. Get to Rotten Toe now. Also, join the group, its painfully lonely in there.

P.S. there is a little bag on the corner shelf and its packed full of all kinds of skins, most of them are pretty cute too, totally free ^^

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'Chesca said...

Wow! That shop is so amazing.

Thank you so much for blogging about it!

I may have bought the whole store... *shifty eyes*