Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick n Dirty

Short on time today but, I have a couple things I wanted to show you.
First up.. A Piece of Candy sent this lovely outfit through the subscribo today. I love the color and the texture detail on the top. It also comes with another tank option that covers the midriff.

The gorgeous skin I'm wearing is the new Dollarbie from Ti'ko these aren't available very long so run down and pick this one up asap! I'm wearing it on my usual shape, and its a perfect example of why I love skins so much. They can dramatically change up your look in just one click.

This hair I received today in a DSN sample pack from Bryce Designs! It included three different styles this one in light brown which I tinted slightly darker to match my eyebrows better. It also came with two silver-grey hair styles. If you haven't signed up for the Designer Showcase Network (DSN) I highly recommend doing so! There is a Kiosk here at Bryce Designs, or any affiliated store. Its so simple, all you do is click the sign its much like a subscribo in that it doesn't take a group slot. Then you pick all the categories of interest to you, and wait for the generous designers to shower you with gifts and samples for you to try out! Squee.

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