Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thank You Callie Cline

As everyone knows by now, last week was Blogger Appreciation Week. What you may not all know is that this amazing event was organized by the lovely Callie Cline. What followed from her call out to designers was just the most amazing outpouring of generosity I have ever witnessed in SL. Seriously!

Wanna see a bunch of jaded, seen-it-all bloggers squeal and squee and burst into tears of joy? Shower them non-stop for a week in piles of presents and shopping sprees from every major designer on the grid. That's what it was like. No exaggeration.

Now I'm not saying all this to make non-bloggers jealous. If I showed you even a fraction of what we got, trust me - you would be seething with the green monster... No. I mention all this in rapturous gratitude to Callie Cline. Callie, girl, you made every fashion whore's dream come true all with a few clicks of your fingers. Outrageous! And to top it off, you brought all of us compulsive shoppers together and showed us just how much we all have in common, and how much fun we can have when we get chatting and sharing and getting to know one another.

Friends have been made, networks broadened, and fantasies fulfilled. All because of Callie. Thank you. From the bottom of our now-completely-bottomless inventories of love, THANK YOU!

Not familiar with Callie Cline's work in SL? Here's a peek at a couple of her famous designs. First up, a dress that you can never go wrong with - the classic leopard print party dress. I'm showing it here with a pair of Maitreya shoes that I scored in one of the OMFG shopping sprees we got spoiled with. And talk about lovely people - designer Onyx LeShelle is a world-class sweetiepie, and her work is miles ahead of everyone else. (Teach me, sensei!)

Dress - caLLie cLine - wild cat dress - natural - $199L
Shoes - Maitreya - Enchant Antie's Black - $250L

And because, on top of being totally lovely, Callie is also super generous, she dropped this stunner on the bloggers. It's for those occasions when you need to make sure there's no mistake about what a glamorous diva you really are. No matter where you go in this gown, you *know* you're gonna be the best dressed in the room. And, yes, the full jewelry set is included.

Dress - the Divine double bubble dress by caLLie cLine - $950L

To Callie and all of the wonderfully generous designers that spoiled us totally rotten - thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou

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