Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stitch By Stitch, D'Fly, and Little Bird oh yea!

I have some great goodies to show you tonight. I first want to say what a wonderful day I had commiserating with my peers at the Fashion Bloggers Garden Party hosted by Callie Cline. I had such a lovely time meeting the fabulous community of designers and bloggers alike. It was a real treat! On top of all the amazing gifts we've been showered with this week, it was the icing on the cake. In fact I got there in the early day and I didn't leave till the last few stragglers were left. I am so pleased to be part of such a warm and friendly bunch of ladies and gents. I only wish I could have spoke with everyone. I made lots of new friends and I plan on making tons more. Words cannot express how happy I am to have been a part of this weeks events, the gifts have been generous beyond belief, but the camaraderie between the entire group has been a joy.

Now on with the Fashion!
This dress is the brand new group gift from Stitch by Stitch its called Mayshower! I've been a huge fan of Sevenstar Amat since I discovered her shop when I was working in the old Dollz Town Sim. She is so generous to her group its one that I would never leave, she sends skins, shoes, and gorgeous clothing. This is a new favorite of mine for sure. I love the color green and this shade is just perfect.
To me it was made to be paired with these Magic Gold D'fly Fairy Shoes! These are my favorite shoes and they happen to be made by my most favorite designer Nix Sands of Xcentricity. This pair has so many color options for a mere 290L they are a steal!
I'll show a better shot in a moment! OOps I almost forgot to mention these poses! Get this five pack of poses at Matatabi for 0L-1L. Who doesnt love peace sign poses!?
Here is a closeup shot of the details on the dress. This hair from Tiny Bird was the obvious choice for this ensemble (not free). Skin is the free Kalista base skins by Tuli, who I had the pleasure of meeting today at the party. I am not sure if these are still available.
Xcentricity- Pixieknickers D'Fly Fairy Pumps in Magic Gold!
(Gold referring to the metal which also available in Silver yay)
These shoes are phenomenal! They are scripted to change the texture on the shoe, and also the color on the gem stones! There is heaps of choices five pages of color options for the shoe texture alone. Add onto that the gem color choices you have unlimited amount of combinations! They also have a slight sparkly particle effect that you can toggle on/off by click. Only 290L!?!? NoWai!

Say you cant shell out the 290L for the fancy scripted pair? You could still own a pair of solid D'fly's in a plethora of colors for only 100L each. Its Fairy time.

*Note* The Stitch by Stitch group isnt that easy to find. Its called "Padrina & Padrino" Styles and Living. Groupjoin is only on request and by invitation. This is a group you want to keep.


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*sigh* if only i had more group slots... such a gorgeous dress :)

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