Thursday, May 21, 2009


This isn't a freebie post, or item highlight, but a little notice to you all, a shamless plug if I am being honest. Last night, I finished what was a very unplanned and unexpected event; The creation of my own store! Took me over a week to do but the opportunity sprung out of no where. I was no where near ready to be a store owner, and here I am telling you all, I'm finished and open!

My little shop is called Patchwork, which was inspired by multiple people, including another content creator in-world who helped me out a little. I basically sell, a hodgepodge mess of what I create, may it be my fun renditions of universal template clothing, or my custom prefabs and furniture.

Oh, yes and I have my RFL vendor set up in the garden at my little shop. It is only the full set of what I have shown you all before. To purchase individual pieces of the set, and enjoy Narita's stunning set, you can stop in at the L/H HQ where there are more vendors!

In minor celebration, I have a few gifts out. First I have out a boy and girl version of a little shirt my honey inspired me to make in specific colors. I also sent out special edition colors to the Love/Hate group, if you needed incentive to join our fun group. And I have another box, of random goodies I've made set out that will remain out as my staple gift box.

Also! Soon to come to the store will be a little section designated to none other than our adored Wrenja. In due time, Wrenny will be presenting us with her own section of my shop, but we'll leave that up to her to talk about. For now, I expect everyone to show their full support of her hard times. Even if Second Life is our get away, you can never truly get away from your realities, so let's be her support system as much as we can babies.

Hope to see you at Patchwork!

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