Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snicker Snack

Haven't had much in the term of big time, gridwides recently. It's been a nice break hasn't it? Well, in less than twenty four hours the Through the Looking Glass grid wide hunt begins, with a pile of shops involved, and it's going to be running until July 4th! So you have *plenty* of time to complete it, and get all of the gifts you're after. I'll be putting a link to the first mirror in the post near midnight ;)Today we're previewing an assortment of totally adorable gifts! First up is an updated Alice dress from SLCheerleaders, which makes me giggle. The other day I was wondering why there wasn't more of a cheerleading scene on SL. I mean, there are groups that perform Ballet, and considering how hardcore cheerleaders tend to be in their sport, you'd expect to see some of them somewhere. But here they are, ready to give you this ridiculously cute dress, I kind of love it.
LacieCakes is providing a really generous gift of jewelry, for both the guys and the girls. I'm showing off the girly gifts of course. They consist of the darling pearl necklace I'm wearing as well as the headband. But really, thats not all, these pieces come with a HUD. Whats the HUD for? Color change baby. If you look in the picture below, you'll see the headband in red, and there are a lof of other colors available as well, I died when I put these on and started playing with the HUD, totally inovative and fantastic work to boot.
Sweet! is a shop I'd never heard of before until we started previewing items for the hunt. The dress they're giving as a prize is adorable though, and the LacieCakes headband in red looks amazing with it! I'm also wearing one of the skin gifts from [42], there are two different skins in their gift, and both are gorgeous.
A closer look at the makeup is totally in order, this skin is super nice, and the necklace I'm wearing, from Loka Designs is charming. I love how hodgepodge it is, but its not overly cluttered. Loka also has a couple of furnishings included in their gift that are cute as well.
Sweeter Than Candy is in this hunt as well! I love Sweeter Than Candy. Not too simple, not to complex, but always consistant in style and quality, I always get excited about stuff from STC, even if I don't like it in the end. But this Cheshire cat set, is super amazing. Even if you aren't neko, you'll love this set if only for the clothes. I think the ears are charming, and the little feets too. There is a tail, but I liked this picture more than the one with the tail ;D I'm also wearing the second skin from [42], its the same as the first, but no tears. Can't cry all the time, can you?
There are also a LOT of really nice furnishings to be claimed throughout the hunt. This tea party table (shown with the tablecloth in the picture featuring the STC set) is so cute, and I love the chairs. The animation in them is really nice! Behind me you'll see some of the neatest art pieces available on the grid. Not Neccesarily because of the art in them, but the quality of the prim work, and the menu system to resize the pieces, the detail in the frame and the back of the art pieces, even if you aren't fond of the pictures, you'll marvel at the quality of the work and probably end up going to the shop to see what else is available. These pieces are from Dragon Lady Designs, and totally worth taking a closer look at, I was totally taken aback by the quality involved.

So, now that I've got you salivating, get your hunting boots on and be ready, cause the hunt will be on very, very soon my darlings!

The hair and heels in the pictures aren't part of the prizes available, but you can run to +DV8+ and grab the Dark Venus hair in Pitch for 200L. The Buckled Heels are from Dilly Dolls and are only 200L as well!


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Is that the furniture from Crossroad Dreams? I looooove her stuff!