Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ti'ko Love.

I got a NC today about Ti'ko having a new 1L skin out and I ran right over. Its a more natural look with a heavy smokey eye. I'm a big fan of Ti'ko and if you haven't been I think you should check it out. Don't hesitate on this one because these are never out long!
Here is a better look at the gorgeous Ti'ko skin called "May" in dark 1L for a limited time.

I had to show you this hair. I haven't taken it off since I picked it up, previously blogged by Ashia, and I thanked her heaps for the find! haha I'm in love .. its a Betty Page bang obsession I guess.

Grab this hair at Vignette in a box on the floor left of the entrance. Squeee. A color for everyone.

My other obsession... the Glow Studio. I had picked up this gift of "Avantgarde. eyelashes - sylvialicious" not sure if they are still out, but aren't they fabulous.

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