Saturday, May 2, 2009


The other night a friend I made a long time ago when I first started the blog IMed me, asking a favor. If you've followed the blog for a long time, you might remember Warlock, rocking a dress from sn@tch. This time he gets to stay in the boy clothes.

His friend has a shop and he wanted me to check it out. No problem. I checked it out, not knowing what to expect, and found myself confronted with some seriously hot shoes and boots. The store is called MK Fashions, and they have some of the best Docs I've ever seen on the grid.

There are also a lot of nice gifts and cheapies sitting around the store. They have some special editions of shoes for only 90L, as opposed to their regular prices, they also have sun glasses, belts and, well, more shoes. They don't just make Docs, they make converse style boots and shoes as well, and they are beautiful. Right now, one of their belts is only 1L, but this is for a very limited time, I *think* today only. Otherwise, there is a nice pair of shades available for guys for 1L.

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