Monday, May 11, 2009

Something of interest

Designer Showcase Network

With all the negativity on the blogs regarding freebies something rather special and different has been developed by Rika Watanabe (she who made the server the Karma Bag sale ran off). The Designer Showcase Network went live two days ago and is already recieving rave reviews from designers and customers alike. To sum it up for a customer - if you subscribe you will get one free gift from one designer per day in any of the 9 catagories you choose, delivered to your doorstep every morning! Yep, you don't even have to TP to the store to get it!

The reasoning behind it is this. Hunts are great ways to find new designers, cool products and things you've not come across before, but they have been overwhelming recently and gifts often go un-opened due to the sheer amount of them, few people get to the end of the hunt, and it's all just TOO MUCH, for everyone. The DSN works by bringing YOU, the customer, a sample of a different designer every day - and you'll never get the same gift twice. You get to open it at home, test it out, and then if you're interested, visit the store. No more being overwhelmed with folder of "stuff" - just easily manageable daily gifts. And seriously, that's it. No catch, no cost.

There are nine catagories you can subscribe to: Female Fashion, Male fashion, Skins & Hair, Jewelry [sic] & Accessories, Home & Garden, Gadgets Vehicles & Weapons, Animations & Poses, Business, Tools & Services, Full Avatars.

For more info including daily featured designer please look at the DSN website:


Hempy Weezles said...

very interesting thank you :)

Gabby said...

This sounds like a great idea! I am gonna sign up. Thanks for the post!

Annelie said...

Oh, I didn't realise it was a new thing- I just signed up a few minutes ago lol

Narita said...

i just signed up tonight & got my first gift within an hour - woohoo! :D