Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lucky Board Luckiness

I got lucky yesterday! ;D Scored a few goodies that you should go stalk & grab.

First up, Dilly Dolls has a bunch of fatpacks of separates in the lucky board right now. I managed to snag this set of striped tops in 8 different colors, that come with texture changing prim cuffs. Lots of great sets available to help expand your wardrobe.

*DD* Jennie Dark in Black, Violet, Teal, Pink, Red, Brown, Green & Blue - FREE (Lucky Board Prize)
Pose - *ES* Ok Go - $1L

The pose used in that picture is the latest Dollarabie from Essential Soul Studio. You can find it in the freebie posestand vendor, along with loads more.

I was also lucky enough to score this piece of adorable adorableness from the Lucky Board at Mocorin. It's a shoulder strap tote bag with these super cute little dollies sticking out of it. This shop is overflowing with cuteness! Heck, I can hardly bring myself to toss out the box (bottom right) that it came in! XD

*mocorin* ohana bag (ROBO&MOCO) - FREE (Lucky Board Prize)

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