Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Old Soul.

To see a true reflection of ones self your eyes must be free of insecurities and doubt,
only then will you begin to blossom and grow. Shining down from above warmth spills over you. A perfect vision of innocence,
pure and genuine it fills your soul.
The joy of being alive, present and aware, awakens inside you.
A new day begins.
*TBC* The Black Canary - Newest release The Old Soul Kimono set. Not Free.
Sweetaholic - Geisha Skin group gift (not new but still available).
Curious Kitties - Tree Hair free gift (not new but still available).
There is a little sale and event going on at Curious Kitties for one week, some items are marked down from
5-50% and there is a little present tree which randomly drops two gifts spontaneously for the taking.
Thank you Morrigan Denimore for the inspiration.


Narita said...

wow! gorgeous photos girl! excellent post! :D

Hempy Weezles said...

thanks Narita <3 I had so much fun doing it.