Monday, May 25, 2009

I Am Currently Ghosted

After at least six hours I finally got the dress at Firefall / Phoneix Designs. Waiting so long is quite common if you're a T. :/ It is a limited edition item and if you don't feel like waiting for it and you have the Lindens you can pay 450L to buy it.

It comes with the skirt but I think it works awesomely without it too. :3

There's also a pair of women's skins, unisex belts, men's and women's boots and jewellery, which means it might take you a while to get the item you want even with four chairs. I did take pictures but apparently I forgot to save a few of them before I reset my lights and scene. x.x
And they also have a table with freebies, which is where the beacon / my SLURL will go to. :3

Please use chair ettiquette when you're there. Or at any chair really. Don't charge through before the people rez, chairs usually rez last anyway. If there are a lot of people there, avoid dancing / gesturing / etc and maybe switch any alpha prim hair or gowns if people are complaining about lag. If you see another person with your letter, I always think it's best to IM them or come back later. Watch what the wildcards are, taking something you already have is kind of rude and annoying. :/ Give people who have just TPed in time to rez. Etc., etc..

Oh, look, I'm back on the grid. :D Ooh, an info hub, I've never really been to one of these.

Outfit - Firefall / Phoenix Designs - Lucky Chair Limited Item


Green Dream said...

I feel your pain, Trickett... feel it so much... ;_;

Catastrophe said...

You may have just become my favorite blogger. Ever. I saw you on the feeds and all i ever wear are hooves :3 - Verinne Ansar