Monday, May 11, 2009

The Drama Killer Dress

So, before the Keys to the VIP Hunt started, I was on the fence about doing it. Not because I'm stingy about $200L. But because what I had seen till then of the prizes really wasn't my kinda thing.

Now, I'm not knocking any of the prizes or the hard work and endless hours that went into creating them. It's just a personal fashion thing, ya know? Some things look great on some people, some things just don't work on you no matter how much you want them to.... And then all hell broke loose. And I was even more reluctant to try it.

And then, the lovely Alecks Qinan called me. "Quiver's gift. It's... awesome." She TPed me right away. I gasped. An audible, RL gasp! And I knew right then and there I was doing the VIP Hunt. Drama be damned!

I mean - just LOOK at it!

(Nushru) Feather Me Dress - Yellowed Silver (VIP Hunt Gift)

This dress from Nushru *alone* is worth WAY more than $200L! The details, the textures, the feathers, the movement, the glamour! My pics don't even do it justice... You have to go get it yourself. Like now! Go now! If you get nothing else from the hunt, get this dress!

And if you think that's the only bit of fabulousity available for next to nothing right now from Nushru, then you don't know Nushru... I swear the girl gives away more than she sells!

Until May 31st, you can get the Davidia Dress in 2 different colors in the Lemania May Flowers Hunt. And they each come with 2 lace bolero jackets, 2 skirt options, and thigh high stockings with bows on the back! And wait till you get a close look at the delicate little cut-out detail on the back of the bodice... The pieces are hidden in plain sight at her shops - one on Lemania, the other at The French Farm - $1L each. For a grand total of $12L for both full sets! $12L!

(Nushru) Davidia in Burgundy (May Flowers Hunt Gift)

(Nushru) Davidia in Forest (May Flowers Hunt Gift)

The girl's even got a whole other dress for FREE in the SL Discovery Hunt & a FREE corset at the Goodie Grove at LVS! To paraphrase Alecks: Quiver, your gifts. They're... awesome!

Proo's take;
Hay kids. I just had to bombard this post before Nartot publishes it to tell you, she's more than right. Fuck all the drama about Keys, about anything. Quiver, of Nushru, is the prime example of supporting CREATORS not hunt organizers. A little birdy told me, that our lovely dear friend Quiver will have a new mainstore soon (I saw it, it's hot. I think I may have a bias though. x.x), AND! Oh snaps, she's in the hair fair? Can we say a one woman wonder? She does it all! I second the above, go, get your fix of Nushru, and support the ever radiant Quiver in her endeavours on SL. I know we do.


Emerald Wynn said...

I love Quiver's work. YAY, Quiver! Thank you!

Casia Serpente said...

I agree completely! I put on Quiver's VIP gift and was snapping pictures within seconds lol! It's so gorgeous! Now I gotta get the other gowns, yaaay!

Green Dream said...

I was going to add my thoughts to the drama that broke out, but then reflected... There were over 100 comments at the time, so doubtfully anyone would read it, and the attitudes displayed on both ends was not worth my energy.

However, I lurb the the Love/Haters, and I honestly think you would take my thoughts into consideration (though, that doesn't mean you have to agree with me).

I honestly think that both sides, blogger and organizer went about things the wrong way. We may also not be provided with the full information, making it even harder to make a clear judgment call. Purely based on what was provided, Kenzie presented his/her stance poorly and could have framed it better; at the same time, it was very arrogant for Ding to not only post the snippet of conversation, but poorly hide the other user's name in order to get around the ToS but still clearly point a finger and have a flippant attitude ('why would I bother...') to incite the readers. I think Kenzie did right in not posting any more comments.

Getting away form that, L/H has done a great job promoting the hunt from what they have been given or found. It planted a seed of intrigue in me when the first home-set was previewed, as I value the writers' opinions here. So many kudos to you gals! :D