Friday, May 29, 2009

Drowning in Cupcakey Goodness

Do the Cupcakes ladies not spoil us to the point of cavities? Seriously!?

As Trickett mentioned in her post yesterday, the Cupcakes group received not just a cute new dress, but a mondo fatpack of skins in 8 luscious tones (with freckle options!). And, as also mentioned previously, the ladies have dug up some fabulous older dresses & set them for just $25L in the back of the shop. (Yes, that's still going on - go get them already!) And then today - for no reason other than that they are insanely generous - another gift! :O And, of course - adorable!!

*CUPCAKES - All That Glitters - Group Gift

As you've probably heard by now, the typical group sign up fee of $250L has been temporarily reduced to just $100L! If the price has been a hinderance in the past, do not let it hold you back another second! It is mere virtual pennies for all of the gifts that are currently available, as well as the mounds of gifts they dole out regularly. This is one of those groups you never ever ever leave.

Have you noticed all of that glittery gorgeousness around my neck? I'm sporting jewelry from the one and only Miriel. She is one of the greatest jewelry designers SL has ever known & a woman whose work makes me want to pack up my shops & surrender to her far far far superior craftsmanship. If you haven't heard the sad news, she will soon be closing her shop & shutting down her wonderful sim. This is a terrible loss for SL. It always sucks when a good store closes. It is sadder still when a great one closes. There is currently no exact final date, so you still have a chance to run to her store and grab everything in sight. It is all totally affordable, beautiful and, frankly, legendary!

(Miriel) Fleur Necklace - Silver/Peridot
(Miriel) Fleur Earrings - Silver/Peridot
(Miriel) Wave Bracelet - Silver/White Pearl
(Miriel) Anna Ring - Antique Silver/Jade

[]::Tuli::[] Hope (sunkissed) - (Picks reward June 2009)

The jewelry I'm wearing in the pictures above you can get for FREE, if you can complete the very difficult Golden Cage Hunt. You get to follow clues in a story to different parts of the sim and cam like mad, looking for teeny tiny little jewelry boxes. There are only 5 of them, but they each contain an exquisite piece that you absolutely must own. Instructions and your first clue can be found in the poster near the TP point. If you really go nuts and give in, you can still find each of the items in the store. But a few of us in the Love/Hate Hivemind Group have completed it and we can certainly give you a few hints. Do the hunt! You need these pieces before they disappear forever!

One last thing - the skin worn here is the Picks Reward June 2009 special edition makeup of the new Hope skin from Tuli. If you have not put Tuli in your picks, you are just needlessly missing out. The skin is gorgeous and totally 100% FREE. You do not need to be in the group to participate. Just add the shop to your profile picks, wait 24 hours, and then go back & click the board. Easy peasy.

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