Monday, February 23, 2009

Attack of the 15 foot gummi!

Gummi mania is sweeping the grid as Radio Signals and Sanura Sakai start the onslaught with piles of ridiculously cute gummi merchandise. From lucky chairs to lucky boards to items for sale, there is enough gummi to make your little teefies ache.Mouth Gummis - 95L per color, or 250 for fat pack (Mango free in lucky board)

It all started with the Gummi chokers and monocoles Sanura put into her lucky chair at Sanu, then Radio put a little packet of mango mouth gummis in her lucky board at ~Scribble~, THEN a huggable mango gummi, and now there are the giant gummis. Sure to feed your family for months and protect you from nuclear fallout should the need arise.

The giant gummis were made wit the help of Ana_mations's Surrealia Anatine, providing all the fantastic sits for the various gummis. On top of that, the giant gummis are color change, so you don't have to sit there for hours trying to decide which color to get.

The small giant gummis seat one person, and the large seat up to three, and are available in the back of the shop at ~Scribble~. There are four different one person gummis, and three different large gummis to be claimed. All of them are totally worth it.

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