Friday, February 13, 2009


I was informed of yet another place that is awesome by an awesome friend. The place is called Towa. In the group notices you can find this fabulous heart shaped chair that spews out cute heart particles when clicked:

Isn't Wren so cute?

At the store is a group gift giver that contains this really pretty dress. It is so sweet! The hair is the Starlust hunt gift from BP without the balls. There are other gifts in the Towa group notices, like a pose which makes it look like you are giving a box of chocos!

As a side note, i was informed that my posts are kinda scary/boring/something because I use the grey background and black sky too much. Sooo..I decided to start brushing up my SL photog skills and take pictures in/of the awesome places in SL that look super pretty. And I need your help. See...I am kind of an SL hermit. I need you to share with me all the most gorgeous places you can think of inworld! Leave a comment, IM me, whatever you want. Share the love!

Above is my attempt at taking a cute picture at my all time fave SL location, The Far Away. Check my picks for a ride :)


Wensledale Firanelli said...

Tempura Island! That's my favorite place to visit and enjoy the scenery. There's lots of special places to see including an underwater grotto full of fish.

Anonymous said...

Oz. I love Oz. Follow the yellow brick road =)