Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Newness from DV8

My favorite kids at DV8, Vasha and Dysturbed, have a whole pile of new goodies for you all over the store, AGAIN! Last ngiht Vasha added four new sexy little outfits to the lucky chair, in a variety of colors, white/pink, white/purple, white/red, and white/blue. To match the boots obviously. I wonder if that means there will be a violet/pink set coming soon? :oWhile you're there, there is a lot of stuff to keep you occupied, including the midnight mania! Vasha forced it to give this morning so it could fill up AGAIN for today. Its this adorable little pink and black set, boots included! Its set to 300 this time, and it looks like it'll be filling up again, so be quick!

There is also a new giftie i nthe riot vend! Starts at 400L, you can get it down to 225 if you're popular enough, I looooove the way the black vinyl looks, especially with the pink. So, go back to DV8, and stay there xO

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