Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frick <3

I've been living in these skins for the past few days, mostly. I figured I'd better make them a post because I find them exceptionally cute and think Fricka deserves a lot of praise for them, as much as I hate the idea of running into someone wearing the same skin as me. x:
Fricka Morgath uses Another Skin and Sezmra bases to create some outstanding and unique make ups for low prices. This is a freebie from her latest line, which I love and should probably invest in as I think it's an excellent blend of the two bases. x:

To get these skins, sign-up with her subscriber, wait for confirmation, click the box on the subscriber and type in which ever number/s you want to recieve those notices. :3 Then avoid me for as long as you're wearing them. >.>

Skins - Frick - SoM gift
She also has a Valentine's freebie and chair set, as blogged by Sileny. :3

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