Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love the Outcast

So in a midst of heart ache today, I "stumbled" upon a little shop by the name of Outcast. I'm always open to exploring new things, at least things that are new to me anyways, so I looked around. Outcast sells a good assortment of basics, tops and bottoms, those awesome over-knee boots in fresh colors with a really good price(75L for a whole pack of colors.), some stylish furni for all your furry tailed kids out there, some kick-ass cow boy hats, plus more.

While gandering the goods, I found this adoreble hoody (Which totally fits todays theme) and had to buy it in red. It also comes in a perfectly bright green, and hot hot hot pink. Only 25L!

I also bought one of the three style of metal posing pipes, because the grungy girl in me couldn't do without. I think they are perfect for photos, or if you have a hangout that will suit them, only 25L!

Every shop has to star somewhere, and even the most unknown stores have a little something to offer. Take a moment, hop over to Outcast, and show some support. Even if nothing in the shop suits your tastes, it's all Transferable, and today is the day of gifting those you love, to buy a friend something, and help support the owner!

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