Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today, I bring you hate.

We're due for a little bitter lovin' hate around here, but nothing too strong. Things have been amazing lately for the blog and we appreciate you guys, and love you all for the support. We only do this for you. :)

Anyways! On to some hatin'. When you land at a store, getting greeted by a simple script isn't a bad thing at all right? A warm welcome, or a small update, it's all good. Alas, stores have to ruin it when they force LMs, NCs, or group invites into your pockets. This is so not classy and annoying. The last thing a store owner should want to do is drive people away, and on a personal stance, I frown upon stores who have scripted greeters to gives things out, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE SCRIPT IS BROKEN!

Tip of the month guys, if you want people to landmark or join your update groups, know your policies, whatever may you have it, put signs out! It's not that hard. Script them to be "Give-on-click" that way when people WANT to know it, they will go out of their way to find it. Plus, to me, it's a huge bonus to see a store actually put the effort into organizing a customer service set up rather than stuff everything in a greeter mat or box and spam anyone who lands with it. Hugeee no-no.

On the same note, for everyone in general, never drop a LM on someone who 1) Didn't ask for it. 2) Has no idea why you want them to go there. 3) Doesn't know you. It's just stupid, and rude. If you have tips for us, NC or IM us and then drop us so we know what you want us to do in going to said landmarked spot. If you're just spreading your LMs gridwide for business, I hope your store goes up in smoke because it's a trashy way to market. Sorry =/

It's all simple tips of kindness to help you market yourself better. Would you rather turn away hundreds of potential customers because of lazily created scripting greeters, or display your business in an interactive way for those who actually WANT to know?

Have a stellar week lovebugs.


Anonymous said...

On a similar note, a personal peeve of mine is store owners who sit in their stores and spam lucky chair/freebie groups with lucky chair letters and/or Midnight Madness board stats -- especially when they don't admit up front to the group that they're the store owner. To me, it feels like a sneaky way of promoting a store.

Prudence said...


People don't understand that the key to having a good store is having good product, and being a good representative and friendly, not spamming people with promotion, that's just cheap and trashy.

Shayariel said...

Thank you for saying what i am thinking for weeks now. I hate to be invited to groups i am not interested in. I prefer to take a LM myself when i have decided the shop is worth to be visited again.
@ Anonymous: We all know shops need promotion and traffic. I just realized that some shop owners only participate on hunts to get traffic. They hid their gifts so hard that people have to stay extra long. And they act up when hunters are helping each other by hiding the gift some more or they even threaten hunters to ban them from the shop. Dear Shop owners do you really think people will promote your business when you act like as***ho**???? THANKS again for your words, Prudence. Yours Shayariel Teardrop

sileny said...

There was one store I went to the other day that gave out an LM, two NCs, and a group invite upon landing. Also, if you stood at the landing too long it sent them again. Unfortunately for me it was very, very laggy and I couldn't move or tp out. I will NEVER shop there again. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Going off Shayariel's comment, I'm also less inclined to shop at a store that cancels hunts or moves hunt items because a few people use coordinates or what have you.

Second Life: serious business.

Prudence said...

I'm perfectly okay with store owners moving hunt items. I think it keeps the fun in it, so many people expect hunts to be handed to them without any effort, and it's meant to be a "hunt" for a reason, so that I have to disagree with. In the case of stores that remove their items in grid wides hunts, and post bitchy, rude NC's to the hunters, who had nothing to do with why the item was removed, huge fail.

Dunneh Snookums said...

I agree with you. I hate being spammed landmarks/group invites/info. It's tacky and makes me less inclined to return. If I what if I already have a landmark, why would I want 10 of them?

As for the hunt thing, I agree in some ways but not in others. The hunt has to be doable. I completely understand that the hunt isn't meant to be easy, but there's a fine line between challenging and frustrating. You risk alienating existing customers and losing potential ones by making the hunt too hard. That's bad business sense any way you look at it.

The best hunts I've ever participated in had a storyline based quest, like Sanu's Pip's Quest and all of Bare Rose's hunts. It involves a bit of thinking, and a bit of looking around. Surprise surprise, it's stores I've bought from too. The worst hunts have a huge area, tiny items, no clues, move the items around, and a short time to do the hunt in. There was one over Christmas that I tried two whole days to do and couldn't.

Now every time they advertise a new hunt I don't bother going because I know that I can't do it by myself. =\