Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mashooka and Pididdle

Daisie sent me another note with an awesome find on it today. A store called Mashooka. I had never been there so I hopped over to see what could be seen. The answer is...a lot! The store sells beautiful everyday wear as well as unique Indian style garments. The freebies I found reflect that mix of styles.

This dress has a texture that I am in love with. The top seems so silky you could just run your hands along it. 0L...not a bad price either!!

This Indian outfit though is my fave...the colors are rich, the textures are perfect, the fit is fabulous. I wish I had a better graphics card so I could accurately display the awesomeness. It was also 0L as well i believe. Or 1L, I'm not 100% sure. Also when you are at Mashooka, make sure to check out their sale section. More beautifully crafted items for cheap cheap cheap.

And I personally think the 1L skin from Pididdle looks really lovely with the colors of both outfits. I love the mouth on this skin especially. I highly recommend you join the Pididdle update group as the owner Brutus is fond of giving away goodies and having sales. OH! Also Pididdle has a huge box of old poses for only 50L that I am in love with. Some of the poses are funny, some are sweet, all are great.

OK..go have fun times!

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