Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hair and Heart.

For you hair lovers out there, Dernier Cri sent out a hair in the SoM today.

Also, I took it upon myself to make a little valentine for those of us who are less than loving on this bloody holiday. I dropped it in the HQ today, so you can get yourself a copy. It's transferable to if you want to share. You can click it, and select a message from the heart, all of which are less than... Hallmark. :D


Dunneh Snookums said...

Mm, this is weird. When I hit Dernier Cri's subscribo, the history is really old. Like from last year. No new notices, and likewise no hair.

Yet my friend is definitely part of her SoM already, got it in a notice. So did a girl I talked to inside her store.

Is it just me, or is the SoM glitchy? :o

Prudence said...

Maybe we're on a new SoM? I didn't think about that... odd.. Perhaps sleuth a little? I'll investigate.

okrebecca said...

ummm sorry, pretty lady, but you looks like buffalo bill in his woman suit in that piccie :O

sileny said...

Hi! I was able to get the hair through the subscribo. You have to go to the hair section and use the subscribo there. The one at the main entrance does not contain the gift. Hope that helps!

Dunneh Snookums said...

Thanks Sileny, x3 I totes did not think to look around *smacks self*! I didn't think there'd be two SoMs. xD Shows what I know.

Anyway thank you! WHEE PINK!