Friday, February 13, 2009

Lemania's hat hunt!

Today is day five of Lemania's hat hunt, and I couldn't help myself. I love pink, and I looooove patterns like gingham. They are so ripe for corruption and being worn in an unexpected way. This is today's prize!
Let it be known, that I adjusted the hell out of the skirt, I figured it'd be cool for people to see an alternate way to wear it. Its more of a dolly style above, which we all know I adore. I'm also showing it to you bare, so you can look at it as a blank slate, and come up with your own ways to make this dress amazing!

Oh, of course it comes with matching shoes. Have I mentioned my unabashed LOVE for Lemania's shoes? I heart my Lemania shoes, I was wearing them at the closing party for our L/H HQ opening event(the champagne pair), and I am wearing them again right now :D <3 them so much.

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